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If you choose to pre-purchase any of the following collections, we will include your choice of the following in your boudoir experience for no additional cost. To pre-purchase you may choose to pay in full or take advantage of one of our Pre Session Payment Plans. Pre-purchase must be completed no less than 14 days prior to your session to be eligible for the bonuses.

Platinum: Choose 3

Gold: Choose 2

Silver: Choose 1

  • Free session within 12 months

  • Massage after your boudoir experience

  • Poker cards with your image

  • 12 month calendar with your images

  • ViewMaster aka PeepShow with your images

  • 11x14 metal print with your image

  • The angel wings set

  • The shower set

Pre Session Payment Plan.png

After your break, you will return to the studio for your Private Image Reveal & Ordering Appointment to view your images and select which ones you would like to purchase.

You have the option to set up a Pre Session Payment Plan now or pay in full at your ordering appointment. When you pre-purchase your collection, it allows me to create images during your session with specific products in mind and ensure your greatest satisfaction. It also enables you to unlock the following Bonus options that you can choose for FREE! Some of which are valued at up to $600 each.


Pre-purchasing is not required. However, if you wish to take advantage of our Payment Plans you must do so prior to  your boudoir experience. We do not offer Payment Plans after your boudoir experience. If you do not opt to do a Pre Session Payment Plan, you will be required to pay in full at your Private Image Reveal & Ordering Appointment.

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